The Drought, Winter Snow and Weed Control in Kansas City

Posted on December 31, 2012

As we all know the Kansas City area has been in a severe drought the past year. This drought has yet to really show its real effects. Sure the lawns suffered last summer and most needed some type of reseeding, however the real problem may be yet to come, WEEDS.


Winter Snow and much needed lawn moisture

While we have seen some mild relief from the drought, only more moisture will help the situation. Now as I write this post it is snowing. This is great news. The snow, while not much, is a great source of moisture for the thirsty turf. Since it takes several days for the snow to melt, the water has a much greater chance of penetrating the soil and thus providing much needed moisture the root zone of the turf. This moisture is very good news for newly sprouted seed, as it helps keep the roots alive during the winter months. If we do once again dry out then one may want to consider watering their lawn at least once a month until spring temps bring a warm up.  If an irrigation system is used to water the lawn do not try to turn on the system as it is blown out for winter, in stead areas that have heavy consecrations of new seed should be watered using a sprinkler and hose combo.  For more watering advice feel free to contact us at (913) 645-9586.


Weed Control in Kansas City Area

While many of the effects of the drought have already been observed there are many more that have yet to rear their head. Perhaps the greatest problem our lawns face is an invasion of crabgrass this spring. This is due to the thinned out turf caused by the drought and heat of last summer. Now there are ways to combat this problem. A comprehensive preemergence program using the latest in granular technology is the first line of defense. This consists of a six-step application program starting in mid February and lasting until November.   This program, combined with proper watering,  helps  provide the turf with the tools its needs to build thick healthy roots, lush green blades of turf and a lawn free of weeds.

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