Organic Lawn Care Programs Q and A in Kansas City Lawns

Posted on March 12, 2014

What Is Organic Lawn Care

Lately I have been asked a lot of questions about organic lawn care.  It seems that every day I get asked a question.   These questions range  from the simple to more complex horticulture questions.  Some times there even several answers that are correct.  Today in this post I will try to answer some of the more common questions.

Does Your Company Offer A Organic Fertilizer Treatment Program?

Answer: Yes we do.  After a lot of research into the latest in organic technology we have developed a special program that is tailored to our unique climate.  This program  is a very in depth and unique approach to organic lawn care in Kansas City.  Our Mallard Magic Organic lawn program involves a 7 step application program that is a season long treatment program.  For those home owners who prefer a lawn clean of weeds we even offer a hybrid program in which we include a weed spray option.

Can Pre-Emergence Be Applied With A Organic Program

Answer: Yes, there are several products on the market that are 100% organic offering a pre-emergence control.  While these products do cut down on weeds they are not as effective as other products not within the organic line.  That being said, in conjunction with intensive seeding these products are quite effective.

Is The Cost Of Organic Programs More Expensive

Answer: This is one of those questions that has several correct answers.   The first several years may be more expensive due to the additional applications of compost and intensive seeding.  After this time period the cost of organic lawn treatments drop to a level at which they are comparable with an advanced conventional program.

These are just several of the more common questions I answer on a daily basis.  The science behind organic lawn care is advancing almost daily as well.  Green Head Turf Systems is proud to be a leader in organic lawn care and its applications.  Whether you live in Overland Park or Mission, we have you covered.  Call or click today and we will prepare a special organic lawn quote for your lawn.

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