Its Time To Renovate Your Kansas City Lawn

Posted on August 11, 2013

Its time to think lawn aeration and overseed


Well what a difference a year can make.  Last year it was hot, dry and just plan miserable.  A real bad year to be a blade of grass.  Last year who would have thought that I would be writing this in August  and the high temp was only going to be in the low 80s with just enough rain.  All of this has combined to work out well for our struggling lawns, and now is the time to think about providing just the boost the lawn needs to really bounce back.  It is time to think about aeration and overseeding.


Why Aerate and Overseed Your Kansas City Lawn?


You man be saying to your self that my lawn looks fine and does not need any fall renovation work and this may be true; however most lawns need some work.   Over the course of the growing season several items may affect your lawn.  Fungus such as brown patch and dollar spot will thin the turf while creating unsightly brown areas.  Heat and dry conditions will also combine to create thinning.  Maybe you have a dog or have done some construction that has caused soil compaction. Or you may fight shade issues which will also contribute to thinning of the turf.  All of these issues are quite common for our lawns and all can be easily fixed with a fall aeration and overseed.


What is Aeration and Overseed?


Aeration is the process of pulling a sires of cores plugs from the soil.  This is accomplished through the use of aeration machines.  These plugs are deposited on the soil surface.  Over the course of several weeks these cores break down and help the soil profile.  After these cores are pulled the seed is spread.  This is done through a spreader to ensure the proper distribution of the seed.  The seed works its way down into these plug holes, thus ensuring seed to soil contact.  In ten days a nice new stand of grass will start to emerge.


How does Aeration and Overseeding Benefit My Lawn?


This is an often asked question.  The list of benefits is long.  Perhaps the most important benefit is the breaking up  of the soil compaction.  This helps to increase water infiltration into the soil, increase gas exchange rates with the roots and provides a contact area for the seed to properly germinate with in the soil. All of this combined helps to create a stronger turf.  Over time this process will help to improve the soil structure thus improving the turf stand.


When searching for a lawn renovation provider call Green Head Turf Systems.  We serve areas from Mission Hills, to Leawood for all  your seeding needs.   We would be happy to provide a free evaluation. We serve all areas in the Kansas City area.

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