Importance Of A 6 Step Lawn Care Program

Posted on March 4, 2013

As I sit writing this post it is hard to believe it is March 4 with all of the recent snows and current snow cover.   However,  believe it or not spring, along with all its challenges, is almost upon us.  This means several things.  First and perhaps the most important to all of us – the grass, trees and flowers will all be out in full force.  The dull, dreary, short days of winter are behind us for yet another year.   With all of this new growth and color in our world it is easy to over look the needs of the grass.  This is the time of a year to begin a six step lawn application program for your Kansas City area home.



I often get the question form my clients “what is the most important application of the year” to which I reply:  they are all important.  To have and maintain a thick, lush, green lawn it is very important to hire a contractor who specializes in applying products to your lawn that can both make the grass green, but more importantly grow thick healthy roots.  Green Head Turf Systems has developed such a program.  Our six step lawn fertilizer program focuses on several items.


1.  We apply top notch weed pre-emergence such as Barricade and Dimension.

2.  We apply products tailored to our lawns in Kansas City that help to maintain and grow strong roots.

3.  We apply Merit grub control to ensure those roots are not destroyed by insects.

4.  We always apply these products at the proper time of year and never in excess.


Our program consists of the following application schedule:


Round One- weed pre-emergence such as Barricade of Dimension plus a fertilizer.  This is applied in early March.

Round  Two- The second and final pre-emergence application plus a slow release fertilizer designed to stimulate root growth to prepare for summer. This is applied Mid April.  We will also spray for any weeds with this application.

Round Three- This consists of another dose of slow release fertilizer.  This is often times a little lower nitrogen rate to help reduce the likelihood of fungus problems.  This is applied in June to July.

Round Four- This is a grub control application to make sure your lawn is safe from these pests.

Round Five- This is your fall fertilizer application.  This is applied in September of October.  This application is designed to help restore any roots that may have been killed during the harsh summer months and also to provide some food for the above ground structure.

Round Six- This is your winterizer application.  This is a slow release nitrogen fertilizer applied in November to help the turf through the winter months with just a small dose of food should we warm up.  It will also help the turf to green up faster in the spring.



Our tired and true program grows lawns that are thick and green.  Perhaps just as important, however unseen results, the roots are thick and strong.  Green Head Turf Systems can prepare a tailored program quote for your lawn, so if you need a lawn care program in Overland Park,  Mission, or anywhere in between, give us a call. We cover the entire Kansas City area for lawn care.

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